Analgesic Oil

Analgesic Oil

Made from various herbs, decocted with fresh coconut milk. Gives a cool, fresh feel with no irritation. Quickly absorbed. Gives no rancid smell after long storage. Our Analgesic Oil has medicinal effects as the following:

- Soothes sore muscles, swelling, sprains or strains.
- Relieves bone and joint pain, including pain from bone fractures.
- Staunches the bleeding. Works as an astringent.
- Has a fresh smell, aids sleep.
- Repels mosquitoes.

Apply and rub onto the affected area, need not massage. In case of fresh wound, apply on the wound; the bleeding will stop instantly. The wound will be clean and healed by the next day.

Main Ingredients: Cassumunar Ginger, Zedoary, Turmeric, Zingiberaceae, Veldt Grape, Other Herbal Ingredients

Price 185 Baht (Bottled/15 Millilitre)