Chuen Jitt Herbal Lozenges

Chuen Jitt Herbal Lozenges

Fragrant, Freshening, Revitalizing

A new form of Ya Hom to suit a more modern lifestyle. Chuen Jitt Herbal Lozenges have been chosen as one of the ten herbal innovations supported by Standard and Potential Development Project for Thai Spa business under the supervision of the Institute for small and Medium Enterprises Development, Ministry of Industry of Thailand.

Chuen Jitt Herbal Lozenges aid digestion, reduce flatulence, and freshen the body. Also dispel excessive nervous energy, therefore are especially good to counter flatulency or relieve the nerves before getting a massage.

Main Ingredients: Dang Gui, Cinnamon bark, Liquorice Root, Menthol, Gelatin and Sugar

Price 35 Baht (Packet/10 Tablets)